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Game Got Crash..

Game Got Crashed.


Could you give me more details about it? I might fix that

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I think, this is just because of my network issue.

Es un juego bastante entretenido para disfrutar entre amigos, recomendable y con futuro.

Sinceramente, estaría mejor añadir una que otra Actualización agregando algo de niveles.

Como es un juego de Jam, esperaré a que termine el evento y en un futuro sacaré actualizaciones agregando contenido y arreglando bugs, gracias por jugarlo y me da mucho gusto que te haya gustado :D


This game was fun, but i unfortunately

couldn't make it under 4 minutes. Still fun though.

OMG, I'm so glad you made a gameplay out of my game, I hope you enjoyed playing as much I have enjoyed develop it.

As a tip, you can move faster if you move both chefs at the same time, I'm pretty sure you could reach a better time :D

I'm going to put the link of your gameplay in the description of the game, so everyone can see it

Thanks a lot :D

You're welcome, I noticed that moving both the chefs I can move faster. I was just trying to showcase your game and at least make it to the end.  :)